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"Dana is an amazing, creative professional. She thoroughly understands interior spaces and color. Always on the cutting edge of creative solutions to unique situations. She works with me to develop my

own style."

- Fort Peirce, Fl.

"Can I just take this moment to say how wonderful Dana is! She completely transformed my condo into a home out of an Interior Design magazine! Thanks to her amazing staging work, my condo received 2 offers in the first 3 weeks. Thank you, thank you Dana! You are a Creative Goddess!"

- Hanover, NH

"I cannot emphasize enough Dana's keen eye and artful touch."

- Essex, Vt.

 my story

"I love the combination of form, comfort, and beauty."

I am passionate about designed spaces. My work in Interior Design, Broadway NYC theatre, and Photography is a direct result of this passion.


My skills enable me to successfully organize and stage a space- making it ready for a quick sale.


I love the theatre involved in transforming spaces. Whether you need a complete home make-over or you just need help with a single room, I am excited to work with you!

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